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Vaser Liposuction


The VASER Lipo System is an advanced ultrasonic lipo technology that’s creating a revolution in cosmetic surgery. With this new level of versatility, you can perform a wide range of body contouring applications – from significant fat reduction to precise sculpting on all areas of the body. By selectively emulsifying fat cells prior to removal, the VASER Lipo System enables optimal control during the procedure and reduces aspiration time and physician fatigue. VASER Lipo provides your patients with smooth, predictable results and minimal downtime, and can be safely performed in-office under local anesthesia. With the recent influx of new body contouring products coming into the market, the VASER Lipo System remains the only body sculpting tool you need to position your practice for current and future success.

Vaser’s third-generation ultrasound technology is precisely tuned to emulsify adipose tissue while sparing all other connective tissue. Laser lipolysis employs a photothermal effect to lyse all cellular material in the field of view. Both methods have been shown to provide superior patient outcomes. VASER has also been shown to reduce the surgeon’s physical effort in removing larger volumes. These procedures use small instruments and can be performed in-office under local anesthesia (minimal invasive).

VASER Lipo uses small-diameter, multi-ringe titanium probes to deliver precisely tuned ultrasonic energy to specifically target and emulsify fatty tissue. The adipocytes are generally not lysed. Instead, the fat cells are released from the tissue matrix so that they are suspended in the tumescent fluid as single cells or small groups of cells (an emulsion of cellular material and tumescent fluid). VASER technology was specifically designer to preserve and spare as much of the tissue matrix as possible, yet still remove the desired amount of fatty tissue. VASER Lipo can efficiently treat small to large areas. Typically, VASER lipo can treat 100cc of fat in about 1.5minutes (8 times faster than the most powerful laser lipolysis system), even with reduced energy levels. Collateral damage is greatly minimized since the VASER energy does not affect connective tissue, blood vessels, or the nerve plexus.


1. The fatty layer is infused with tumescent fluid.


2.The high frequency vibration of VASER ultrasonic probes causes the fat cells to break apart and emulsify into the infusion fluid.


3. Emulsified fat is easily removed via specially designed VentX Suction Cannulae or massage.


4. Remodeling and revascularization of the preserved tissue promotes skin retraction.

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