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Aesthetic Gynecoplasty

For Appointement

Clinic: Hazmieh- Mar Roukoz Street- Khoury building - 1st floor


Bellevue Medical Center – Mansourieh

T. 01-682666


Saint Joseph Hospital – Dora

T. 01-240111


Mobile: 00961 3 71 12 12        


Dr. Alain Daher


Is an Obstetrician and gynecologist surgeon who achieved his obstetrics and gynecology specialty in Beirut, Lebanon, at Hotel Dieu de France hospital, which is affiliated to the St Joseph University of Beirut.


He then has done a fellowship during four years at the division of obstetrics and gynecology at the faculty of medicine Paris Descartes (Paris - France). Meanwhile, Dr Daher has worked in breast and gynecologic oncology and pelvic surgery at Curie institute, in laparoscopic gynecologic surgery at Pontoise Hospital and in mini invasive surgery (Robotic and  laparoscopic gynecologic surgery) at Diaconesses Hospital. He has also accomplished his obstetrics specialty at Pitie Salpetriere Hospital and at Cochin Port Royal Hospital in the department of medically assisted procreation.


He is a member and rater at the French Fetal Ultrasound College for the evaluation of ‘professional practices’ in the framework of the fetal ultrasound.


He was certificate from the academy certification program of the European academy of gynecological surgery as excellent psychomotor and suturing skills in laparoscopy.


He is a member of the Lebanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (LSOG) and is actually settled in Beirut, Lebanon, ready to answers all your needs in obstetrics and gynecologic surgery.

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