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Buttocks Augmentation (with FAT)


The Brazilian Buttock Lift is a combination augmentation/liposuction procedure to enhance the shape, fullness and smoothness of the buttock. The procedure involves removing fat from areas of excess on the body and redistributing it to the buttock and hips. The fat removed is purified and then reinjected to volumize the buttock area.


Although artificial implants can be used to give a fuller result, most patients seem to prefer the more natural method of the Brazilian Buttock Lift. As an extra bonus, you also lose fat in the liposuction part of the procedure! If you are already naturally slim without much excess body fat, you may even need to gain some weight before the procedure can be performed.


Although your body will reabsorb 30% to 40% of the fat injected over the course of recovery, the fat that remains will be there permanently, settling in and even behaving like all of the other fat cells in your body.


The ideal patient for this procedure is someone who is healthy and in good shape. There is a minimal two-week recovery time, during which the patient must wear a compression garment to prevent swelling. It’s absolutely essential that the patient avoids putting any weight on their buttock at all for the recovery period. So, no sitting down. The newly injected fat cells need time to stabilize in their new position, and sitting can cause the cells to shift and become damaged. Generally, the longer you avoid sitting on your buttock, the better your results will be. Final results won’t be seen for about four to six months, during which time we recommend avoiding exercise. Just think of it as an exercise vacation!

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