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Lower Body Lift



Belt lipectomy or trunkal body lift is a circumferential removal of loose hanging skin and fat from around the waist or “belt” line of an individual. It could be considered an extensive tummy tuck that continues around the sides to remove the loose “love handle” skin that continues onto the lower back. The advantage to this extensive removal of skin is that the looseness above the buttocks is removed which has the effect of lifting the buttocks as well. Sometimes the fat in this area is used to augment the buttocks during belt lipectomy, restoring the flattened buttocks to a more youthful and projecting shape. The surgery typically begins with the patient in the prone position (belly down) and requires the body be turned onto the back once the initial posterior buttocks and lower back area surgery is completed so that the stomach or abdominal area “tummy tuck” can be performed which completes the “belt” lipectomy.


Three and a half to five hours.


Typically general anesthesia but spinal anesthesia is also an option.


Because of the extensive nature of the procedure an overnight stay is usually required.

Possible Side Effects

Breakdown of the suture line above the buttocks (because of patient’s tendency to bend at the waist when performing normal hygiene which strains the suture closure pulling it apart). This usually leads to a wider scar in the posterior surgical area. Some numbness of the area above and sometimes below the incisions, residual looseness and irregularity of the skin, and all the usual common side effects of any surgical procedure.


Risks of surgery are the same as with conventional abdominoplasty.


Recovery is prolonged because of the requirement of avoiding bending at the waist for a month until adequate healing has occurred.


Results are typically very gratifying.

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